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Recording Skype calls: back up what’s most important

For many years people all over the world were trying to find a way to communicate with each other without spending enormous amount of money. Due to invention of Skype free interactions became possible.

Skype appeared a few years ago and nowadays it has been recognized as one of the most convenient ways for people to communicate with each other.

One of the things that individuals were looking for in Skype is the ability to record conversations. It would allow businessmen and private users referring to recorded conversations later. Unfortunately Skype is not able to record calls and chats. You need a special tool for that: G-Recorder allows Skype users to save their conversations to their PC’s hard drive or email box and access this information any time they need it.

What’s unique about G-Recorder is its capability of saving your Skype calls and chats to your email box. It’s really important because Internet is a very unsafe environment and even with the most sophisticated antivirus protection there is always a possibility to “catch” some nasty computer virus and lose all recording. With G-Recorder this is not a problem, save your Sype calls and chats to your email box and retrieve this information even if your computer is down.

Date: 11.09.2011

Category: info

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