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Skype chats: a few words about safety and convenience

By far Skype’s most popular feature is chat. It’s easy to use, it’s convenient, it’s free, it’s simply Great. Unfortunately there is nothing perfect in this world.

1. Imagine you want to access your office chats from your home computer.

Skype messages are saved only on your local computer and there is no easy way to access it remotely.

2. Now imagine you’ve bought a new computer and you need to transfer all of your Skype history.

It wouldn’t be that easy as well because all Skype history is encoded. Though Skype provides a migration manual, many users still report challenges with this transfer.

3. What about the worst case scenario: do you have a plan B in case your computer crashes?

All Skype history is lost unless you have it backed up.

With G-Recorder you do not have to worry about your chat history: it’s safely uploaded to your email account. Though it might seem strange to upload Skype chats to email box, it provides numerous advantages:

– all Skype chats are backed up. Just in case.
– all chats are easy to search through
– all chats are accessible anytime you are connected to the Internet

And the last but not the least. All your chats are put behind your email login and password. Even if somebody can access your home computer your chats will remain secure.

Download a free trial version of G-Recorder to test how it works.

Date: 28.08.2011

Category: Uncategorized

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