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How to record skype chat on the Mac OS X

After installation G-recorder on the Mac OS X you will see the window
with settings where you can chose:
- Export new chat logs in your inbox?
- Export existing chat logs in your inbox?

record skype chat

On the next step you should choose the place where Skype Recorder will
store logs:
1) Your mail inbox or PC 2) Mail inbox 3) PC only 4) nowhere

Also you can set up the option to save skype calls: automatically,
send a request to record, manual.

Then you choose the recording quality, and enable / disable notifications.

On the step “Advanced settings” you can configure “Idle time” and
E-mails on which you will get your logs. After this step Skype
recorder start to store your chats and skype calls.

On the step Login you must choose the E-mail service, where the
program should store logs, and fill in your login and password.
Authorization to Gmail is certified by VeriSign Secure, so you can be
sure in the safety of your data.

For editing G-recorder settings you should click on the G-recorder’s icon
in the Mac OS tray on the top.

Date: 31.07.2011

Category: Tutorials

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