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More than Skype Recorder

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G-Recorder will help in all the cases when you want to save Skype conversation and reproduce it afterwards.

It is an option to save Skype chats and calls to your email box. This allows you to access your recordings each time you are connected to Internet.

G-Recorder offers Trial License with usage limited to 14 days and a Commercial License for one Skype ID.

Commercial License allows you to use full G-Recorder functionality with a single Skype ID for life. The license is portable with the Skype ID. This license can be used on up to 10 PCs under the same Skype ID.

Maximum file size which can be stored in Gmail is 20 MB. But G-Recorder easily overcome this limitation by splitting long call recording to several parts.

Actual duration of a part depends on a chosen "Call quality/Max duration" option in the Settings dialog:

“Normal” is about 2 hours
“Good” – 1.5 hours
“Perfect” – 1 hour

Total duration of the call recording is limited only by available space in your Gmail account, which is usually huge :)

Open the Settings dialog (through G-Recorder tray icon menu), uncheck the "Enable call recording notification" option and click Finish.

The situation can happen when Gmail port (Secure IMAP, port 993) is disabled either by local PC firewall or network administrator.

The port accessibility can be checked by running the following command line (through Windows Start/Run… menu):

telnet 993

If the port is open, you should see an empty black console with a blinking cursor. In case the port is blocked, there will be some message.

If you detected that the port was blocked, we would recommend you to address to your network administrator for help.

Unfortunately no. G-Recorder only works on either Windows or Mac.

Yes, you can change the destination folder for saved calls on your computer. However this feature is only available with G-Recorder Pro.

With G-Recorder Basic your files will be saved to: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\Documents\G-Recorder Skype Calls\[YourSkypeName] or C:\Users\\Application Data\Skype\\calls (depending on your Windows version).

You can also open the folder with your saved calls selecting "Conversations on this PC" in G-Recorder menu.

If you want to upgrade from G-Recorder Standard to G-Recorder Pro you will only need to pay the difference. After it we will send you your new license code.

More details about the upgrade procedure are included in the email with your G-Recorder Standard license code. If you cannot find this email, simply contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Just download appropriate edition of G-Recorder from our website at and install it over your existing G-Recorder installation.

This upgrade is free of charge.

Sure. The chat history will be merged in your email box, so that you will see there conversations from your two computers in chronological order.

Yes. It is possible to run G-Recorder in stealth mode by changing a config parameter in g-recorder.ini file.

This file is located either in C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Account]\Application Data\G-Recorder\g-recorder.ini or in C:\Users\[Your Account]\AppData\Roaming\G-Recorder depending on your Windows version.

Look at the end of this file and set:

This will prevent G-Recorder icon from showing up in the tray.

Though as you can see it's technically possilble to hide G-Recorder, we do not recommend using G-Recorder for spying on others. We take no responsibility for any outcomes connected with spying.

Most likely you have an outdated version of G-Recorder.

Please download the most recent copy of G-Recorder from and install it over your current installation.

This should solve the challenge.

If it will not help, please send us the log file generated by G-Recorder via "Report a problem" option in G-Recorder menu.

It does. You can use G-Recorder when you run multiple Skype accounts, though you will need separate G-Recorder license for each Skype account.

If you need help running multiple Skype accounts on one computer try Multi Skype Launcher. It works good for us.

If you are trying to run G-Recorder on Lion and experience some challenges, please make sure you have the most recent copy of Skype (can be downloaded here: and the latest version of G-Recorder (

If updating Skype and G-Recorder doesn't help, please send us the log file using "Report a problem" option in your G-Recorder menu.

If G-Recorder works and does not ask you for the license key, most likely the trial period (14 days) is not over yet. 14 days after downloading G-Recorder, it will ask you for the license key, and you have to enter the key you have been send in the email confirming the purchase of G-Recorder.

You can either wait for the trial period to end and then enter the license key of the product or you can right-click on G-Recorder icon in the lower right corner of your computer screen and select option "License key" and enter the license code there, then click “Activate” and that’s it!.

After this please open “Settings” menu item and enter all of the relevant information, such as general settings of calls and chats recordings, as well as login credentials to save Skype recordings to your mailbox. Than click “Finish” and you are ready to use G-Recorder!

If you have activated G-Recorder with the wrong Skype ID, please let it know our tech support team at and we will reset the license so you will be able to activate it to the relevant Skype ID.

If G-Recorder asks "Please open Skype and click to authorize G-Recorder" and you are using Windows please open Skype, go to "Tools" -> "Options" -> open "Advanced" tab and look for "Manage others programs' access to Skype" option. Click on it.
If G-Recorder is not present in the list of allowed software, exit from G-Recorder and relaunch it (do not exit Skype), a dialog box asking you to allow G-Recorder to use Skype will appear almost instantly. Please allow G-Recorder to connect to Skype.

And in the case you are using Mac, please open Main menu / Account / Manage API clients.

Unfortunately G-Recorder for Windows and G-Recorder for Mac are separate products, thus they need separate licenses. But if you already have a license for PC, we can offer you a 50% off the next license for Mac, this is our standart policy for current customers. Just tell us if you are interested and we will give you the link to get the discount.

Yes, you will be able to export all of the existing chat and conversations history to your mailbox or PC with G-Recorder.
When you download the free trial 14-days version of G-Recorder to your computer, this option is limited to 2 weeks of conversations history before the trial download, so you can feel what this software is capable of giving you. But after you purchase the commercial license all limitations will be removed and you will have the option to export all of your existing Skype conversations history to your PC, mail server or both.

All of your Skype chats are automatically saved to the chosen destination folder automatically after 2 hours of idle time. You can always change this time limit in the settings menu of G-Recorder. The duration of the time of how long the call is recorded depends from the duration of the call and from the internet connection, usually the call is recorded straight away, you just need to wait for some short period of time.

When you wish to control when to record your conversations please make sure that in the settings menu of G-Recorder and in the "Call Recording" tab you select option “Manually”. This will allow you to select the start or stop option by hand, and G-Recorder will not record each conversation automatically.

Usually when you get the message that the license is invalid, please make sure that the version of the G-Recorder, which is downloaded on your PC or Mac corresponds with the version you have purchased. For example, you have bought G-Recorder Pro version. So it is inteded to be used with G-Recorder Professional only. Most probably you are trying to use it with G-Recorder Standart, which is downloaded on your PC. To fix this problem, you should delete G-Recorder Standart from your computer and install G-Recorder Professional from

The only password that you are entering is the password to your email box, to which G-Recorder is connected. G-Recorder itself does not have a seperate password. Please try login in to your Gmail account in a browser and then copy-paste same login credentials to your G-Recorder window, this should help.

The username that you are entering is your Skype ID.

The only password that you are entering is the password to your email box, to which G-Recorder is connected. G-Recorder itself does not have a separate password.

We can only suppose that most likely you are either putting in the incorrect password to your mail, or your account is blocked for some reason. You should contact mail administrator for troubleshooting this problem.

Also can you please try to login with enabled "Authenticate in Web Browser" option? This action requires no password.

Please try these actions and let us know if you still have problems with the logging in G-Recorder.

In order to find the recordings of your conversations please follow this directory:

/Users/MAC_USER/Library/Application Support/Skype/SKYPE_USER/calls

Please open Skype, go to "Tools" -> "Options" -> open "Advanced" tab and look for "Manage others programs' access to Skype" option. Click on it.

If G-Recorder is not present in the list of allowed software, exit from G-Recorder and relaunch it (do not exit Skype), a dialog box asking you to allow G-Recorder to use Skype will appear almost instantly. Please allow G-Recorder to connect to Skype.

To find the list of Skype IDs, used on your computer, please open the following path: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\ Skype .

In this folder (besides others) you are supposed to see a list of folders named as Skype IDs used on your computer. Inside each folder you are supposed to find a file called config.xml.
Can you find it? If you do, please delete all other Skype IDs from it besides yours.

After it please reboot your computer, and try if G-Recorder picks up only your Skype ID.

We have special prices for bulk purchases, for this please follow these links:

For G-Recorder Professional:¤cy=USD&language=ENGLISH&dummy=1342860926214

For G-Recorder Standard:¤cy=USD&language=ENGLISH&dummy=1342861021370

If you didn’t find an answer for your question, please fill in the contact form: our support team will be glad to help you. All the most popular questions will be added here later.