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More than Skype Recorder

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Skype recorder for Mac

Please note that this page features only Mac edition of G-Recorder. In case you want to use G-Recorder on Windows computer, please click here.

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Features / Version G-Recorder for Mac Professional v.3.3.8
Get 14-days Free Trial Get 14-days Free Trial
Record chats to mailbox (e.g. Gmail)
Record audio calls to local disk and email box
Export existing chat history to email box
Disable call recording notification
Multiple computers support
Support of free email services (Gmail, Yahoo and AOL)
Support of corporate emails servers (including Google Apps, MS Exchange and Zimbra)
Searchable call and chat notes
Forward calls and chats to any email
Get 14-days Free Trial Get 14-days Free Trial
Price of commercial license 39.99 for life
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We guarantee you 30-days money back if you are not fully satisfied by G-Recorder.

During the trial period you will have an opportunity to test all the benefits of G-Recorder except exporting existing chat history, which will be limited to only two weeks.